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Fabipops is a high end dessert catering company based out New York and New Jersey, known for it's unique hand-designs and rich flavors. Fabipops is more than just cake pops today! We have extended our line of dessert to include wedding cakes, custom cakes, cake pops, french macarons, gourmet cookies, and much much more.

Fabiola Scarbrough is a former financial analyst who found solace in baking, as a means to help her cope with the loss of her infant son, Jared Parker in 2011.  “Shortly after Jared passed, I simply recall praying to God, and asking him to give me something to do, because I felt myself beginning to fade away. God answered my prayers, February of 2012 was when I had my first cake pop. I went home and attempted to make one in my son's memory, and the rest is history." 

Today, Fabiola  is the owner and dessert chef behind Fabipops, and although her past career may not have had an immediate impact on baking, the skills that she developed in business were utilized to create the business she has today.